100g Brandy la Moravia pâté chicken liver, brandy, shallot, crisped baguette
69 Kč
100g Fried bread with spicy meat incredible combination of delicious flavours
59 Kč


0.33l Soup see daily menu
45 Kč


360g Beef Double Burger a double portion of meat, cheese, bacon and flavor
289 Kč
180g Beef Burger with Cheddar cheese, baked bacon, vegetables and slightly spicy dressing
159 Kč
180g Turkey Burger you will appreciate the guaranteed taste of meat, grilled bacon and peppers, Cheddar cheese, fine dressing. All prepared on the Green Egg grill
159 Kč
150g Flank burger with cheddar, fried egg and fries
189 Kč
510g 3v1 burger beef burger, turkey and flank burger together
409 Kč


400g Pork ribs, grilled on charcoal high meat content, marinated in herbs, served with baked goods, great to wash down with Dalešické májové beer
179 Kč
200g Chunk of pork tenderloin with grilled chanterelles sprinkled with pepper and smoothened by cream. Best served with stuffed potatoes and a rosé from the Milbach line
199 Kč
180g Baked neck, lard confit served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings (can be substituted with potato dumplings)
139 Kč
200g Pork roast schnitzel lean juicy meat, best served alongside boiled potatoes and tomato salad sprinkled with virgin oil
119 Kč
300g Pork Steak with baked potatoes and mushrooms
210 Kč
450g Pork T-bone steak
290 Kč


500g Grilled ribs, ripe meat prepared using charcoal, served with baked goods. We recommend brandy as an aperitif, and dark Fledermaus beer to wash it down
299 Kč
250g Flank steak full meat flavour without unnecessary ingredients. Served with a variety of herbs. Best with stuffed potatoes and Single Malt whisky as an aperitif
280 Kč
300g Steak BOURBON - RIB EYE SMALL Rib eye steak. Pure flavour of meat grilled on charcoal, served with an ear of corn and crisped baguette. Best with bourbon as an aperitif and washed down with Dalešice beer
390 Kč
200g Tartar steak with fried bread
210 Kč
400g T-Bone Steak
490 Kč


150g A strip of chicken, roasted in butter sprinkled with herbs, delicious with any side dish of your choosing. Best washed down with a non-alcoholic beverage
89 Kč
200g Chicken schnitzel a flavour that will never get old. Best served with our Finest fries, a salad to balance the experience, and washed down with ginger lemonade
119 Kč
200g Chicken steak served with a mix of French fries, grilled vegetables, and a spicy dip
179 Kč

Duck meat

350g Baked duck quarter in lard, sprinkled with caraway, served with sauerkraut, bread dumplings, and as much gravy for basting as you wish. Best washed down with Müller Thurgau
189 Kč


200g Salmon with herbs stewed meat in herb coat, seasoned on charcoal and basted with a wine dressing
199 Kč

Meals with no rhyme or reason

150g Fried cheese have it with our delicious Finest fries and Tartar sauce. And what’s good to wash it down? Just about anything
88 Kč


300g Vegetable salad with grilled chanterelles sprinkled with virgin oil. Best served with a white wine from the Milbach line
129 Kč
300g Vegetable salad with salmon/chicken meat served with herb dressing and a crisped baguette. Best washed down with a rosé from the Milbach line
139 Kč
300g Vegetable salad with pancetta and parmesan
139 Kč


300g Penne with spinach and grilled chicken meat sprinkled with Gouda cheese. Good with wine
139 Kč
300g Spaghetti Carbonara
149 Kč


Fruit bowl with ice cream and whipped cream
69 Kč
Pavlova with cream and fruits
69 Kč
Pancake with jam and cream
49 Kč

Side dishes

200g Boiled potatoes with butter sprinkled with herbs
35 Kč
200g Baked potato with a mixture of herbs
39 Kč
200g Stuffed potatoes coated in herb quark
45 Kč
200g Fries
39 Kč
200g Sweet potato fries
79 Kč
4pcs Bread dumplings
30 Kč
200g Steamed vegetables
39 Kč
200g Beans roasted in bacon good with steaks
45 Kč
150g Vegetable salad depending on the supply and season
35 Kč
50g Tartar sauce
18 Kč
50g Chilli
18 Kč
1pc Crisped baguette
20 Kč
1pc Bread in a basket
20 Kč